34333 US-97, Chiloquin, OR 97624, USA

Rebuild Chiloquin

The Devastation

Recently, the 242 Fire ravaged our community – Chiloquin. It displaced several families resulting in the evacuation of over 980 people, provision of housing to 20 persons and temporary accommodation to 200 people.

We celebrate the amazing Firefighters who ensured that the fire was contained, and that no lives were lost. However, nine family lost their residential houses, several others lost their property, farmlands, businesses, and other precious materials. In addition, the community lost a community building (first medical facility) within the community. We also have very bad air quality with its attendant health consequences. Furthermore, there is continuing pockets of fire across the community with fear of a possible flare up in the coming days.

As people return to their homes, we worry about the quality of water and that the fire may have impacted the septic system in the community.

It's Time to Rebuild

To help us rebuild our community from the impact of 242 Fire disaster, we launched a Go Fund Me Program. We will use the fund primarily to

  1. Support residents in temporary evacuation centers/hotels
  2. Rebuild Chiloquin Community areas affected by the 242 fire
  3. Help individuals affected by the 242 fire, and support those who lost their homes, businesses and means of livelihood regain their lives.

We ask that you, to the best of your ability, support this social enterprise towards a healthier Chiloquin community, better mental health and empowered community members.


To Support the Process, You Can:

  1. Make a direct deposit to the project account in Washington Federal (Payment are Tax Exempt);Account Name: Klamath Tribal Health and Family Services Account Number: 62763807013
    Routing Number: 325070980
  2. Support our Go Fund Me

Funds will be distributed in the coming weeks to those impacted through a transparent process coordinated by the Incident Management Team (IMT). The processes, qualification and limits will be decided by the team early in the week.

For more information on this, call Dr. Obinna Oleribe (541 892 2896) or email:


Thank you for your support,

Dr. Obinna Oleribe MBA, DrPH, FRCP

Health General Manager, KTHFS